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Soul Consumer

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Maw; Soul Consumer

Frontline, Melee


Impelled by its addiction to souls, Maw is a ferociously offensive creature which will devour anything to quench its thirst.

For predatory players who enjoy eating everything they can find.



Innate: Soul Harvest [Passive]

Enemy units which die near Maw leave a soul fragment above their corpse. Maw may collect these fragments and store at most 10-25 of them. They are used by his other skills, and he loses all souls on death.


Demon Fang

Targets the first enemy unit in a short cone in front of Maw. Burns mana from heroes (or simply damages units) and inflicts a wound. The damage is increased based on the number of soul fragments he has. If it hits an enemy hero, Maw gains 3 soul fragments.


Spirit Vessel

Maw projects a phantom of himself, which races forward in a line, damaging enemy units that it hits. The damage dealt and projectile speed increase substantially with each unit hit. Maw cannot act until the projectile reaches its destination. The damage is increased based on the number of soul fragments he has. Each enemy hero hit will grant 3 soul fragments.



Launch 2-5 soul fragments as projectiles to bombard the target area, landing after a short delay and each dealing damage to the closest enemy unit to where it lands. When picking up a soul fragment, passively launches two projectiles at the closest enemies at no cost.


Ultimate: Disjunction

Gain spell immunity at the cost of souls per second.




  • Maw relies heavily on having time to harvest souls before he can become dangerous. It is very punishing for him to die and lose souls.
  • His damage output is entirely magical, save his basic attack.
  • Spirit Vessel is one of the most dangerous spells in the game, as its damage increases multiplicatively (100%, 135%, 182%, 246%...) without limit.
  • The slot Scatter occupies has always been a troublesome one in Maw's skill set. It is intended that the passive activation upon picking up soul fragments should allow Maw to deal free damage if he can position well when harvesting, but neither Scatter nor its previous incarnations proved satisfying.
  • Disjunction is the only spell immunity in the game.
  • His former ultimate, 'Combustion', added bonus stats per second. If Maw could keep harvesting souls during its duration, it was possible to achieve over +100 all stats.
  • Trivia: Maw's original concept was written by user Dekar.


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