Lunar Matriarch

Lady Tyriphe; Lunar Matriarch

Backline, Ranged


Territorial and vigilant, Tyriphe is forever watching over her native lands and brethren.

For tactical players who know when and where their team will need them.



Innate: Lucent Beam

Summons a moonbeam over 2.5 seconds. It restores mana over time to allies standing under it, and is particularly effective when used on moon wells. A secondary activation allows Ty to teleport to the beam after a 5-second channel. If an enemy touches the beam, it will dissipate. Range scales to global at max level. Destroys trees in a small area.



After an 0.9 second delay, damage enemy units along the dragged line. The damage is higher if the line (and AoE) is smaller, with maximum damage if the ability is cast on a point. Destroys trees along the line, which can be used to cut open paths.


Cold Moon Arrows (Autocast)

Attacks leave a stacking buff on enemy units. When a buffed enemy is hit by a friendly spell, the buff vanishes and the enemy is chilled. The chill duration increases with stacks.


Tame Owl

Summons a scouting owl which can fly freely, and may roost on a tree to increase its vision range. Maximum of 1/2/3/4 at a time. This is the only persistent vision in the game.


Ultimate: Gemini Strike

Instantly damages enemies in the targeted area if (and only if) there are exactly two targets.