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Status Effects

Page history last edited by Softmints 10 years, 6 months ago

Status effects are common afflictions which can come from multiple sources. They normally last for 3 seconds per instance, and stack fully. They are:



Damages the target for 2% of their maximum life per second. Stacks fully.



Slows the target's movement speed and attack rate by 33%, and a further 7% per additional instance.



Deals 0.00333 x (Maximum life of target) per instance of poison as damage to the target for every 100 units it moves. The duration of Poison is extended while the target is moving.



Slows the target's movement speed by 0-33% x (Current life percentage of target), and increases the heal from life leeched off the target by 0-50% x (Current life percentage of target). Essentially, as the target is on lower life, they are slowed more and provide more leech.



Always lasts 10 seconds, slows by 50%, and doubles any damage taken from non-creep sources. Occurs upon attacking/being attacked by a creep, or attacking a tower without troop support.


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