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Nadir; Shadowdancer

Frontline, No attack


By allowing darkness to permeate every inch of his body and soul, Nadir has become a living shadow; and wickedly powerful at that.

For alacritous players who can match their precision with agility.



Innate: Bamboleo! [Passive]

Nadir has 550-775 base movement speed and is unslowable. Conversely, all heroes attack him with a ranged attack, and he takes 66% bonus damage from all sources.


Shadow Ball [Attack]

Nadir ejects a ball of negative energy which is strongly attracted to him. It burns the mana of enemies it touches if they have any, otherwise it just damages them. Dealing damage has a short local cooldown. The ball keeps trying to reach Nadir, hence he must dodge and weave to keep 'juggling' it. It can be maintained indefinitely by a committed player, but will slow his movement across the map. The cooldown starts when the ball ends.


Conga Line

Nadir drags the next unit he passes through along with him for a short duration. Additional units that he passes through will join at the end of the line, and each time a unit joins the line, the duration is increased. Deals knockback damage if enemy units are dragged into trees or rocks!



After a short delay, Nadir sidesteps to disjoint any incoming projectiles and lose the attention of his attackers. Enemies around him at that time will also take damage.


Ultimate: Totentanz

Nadir begins tracing a shape with his dancing. Once the shape is complete, all hostile units within take damage and are chilled. Nadir leeches a percentage of the damage dealt as life. He can draw several shapes within the time limit, though smaller shapes will be easier to step out of before they're completed.




  • The most mobile hero in the game, both when moving across the map, and in-combat.
  • He is also the squishiest hero, and often has to retreat to the fountain for healing. 1-2 skills and a few attacks are enough to kill him, and he is particularly vulnerable to knockback damage.
  • He tends to appear suddenly, and either attempt to pull an enemy hero into a Conga Line, or heavily harass heroes who have trouble with him using Shadow Ball. 
  • Totentanz is often used to damage buildings, but he must move predictably to do it, which makes him vulnerable to enemy damage.
  • The best way to get rid of him is by damaging him. Running away won't work unless the hero has enough life to tank Shadow Ball.
  • Nadir players tend to be either terrifying and snowball out of control, or end up feeding 10+ deaths.


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