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Analye; Ephemeron

Backline, Ranged


Analye has seen this battle won and lost ten-thousand times; whether she will participate again will be decided on a whim.

For intricate players who can keep track of events and enjoy the undo button.


Innate: Rewind

This ability has two possible activations. Both will 'rewind' their target, dragging it back through time to where it was 3 seconds ago, damaging all enemy units it passes through along the way.

  • Self-cast: Eph instantly rewinds herself. This has no cooldown(!), but puts the point-cast activation on cooldown.
  • Point-cast: Releases an accelerating projectile in the target direction. The first hero it hits will be rewound. If it hits an enemy, they will takes damage for each unit that they pass through. Puts both activations on cooldown.



Knocks all units in the target area towards the location where this ability was previously cast.



Releases two orbs which will converge on the target point after a delay. Once they do, a line will be drawn from Eph, towards that point, up to a fixed distance. Any enemies along the line will instantly be damaged and chilled.


Time Sink [Passive]

Gains bonus movement speed for each nearby unit that has been slowed, based on the strength of the slow.


Ultimate: Heal Ball [Channelling]

Channels for up to 5 seconds. Once channelling completes, heals herself and all nearby allies based on the time channelled. If the ability is interrupted by an enemy, it will not heal.




  • Dates back to 'Horo' in DotA Outland. Horo was a time hero which had Softmints' first custom-scripted spell: a temporary area effect that phased enemies out of existence briefly, on a local cooldown if they stuck around.
  • Since then, many iterations of 'the time hero' have been experimented with; none ever fully satisfactory. A good time-themed hero is possibly the hardest concept to get right.
  • One of his older abilities was a delayed nuke, where you could dynamically adjust the delay on each cast between 1 and 6 seconds. (More delay = more damage).


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