Skill Replacement Ideas

Hero: Nerothos; Krovikan Vampire


Scarlett Fever [Passive]:

Nerothos' spells and melee attacks inflict a gruesome plague on his enemies. Enemies inflicted with Scarlett Fever deal less damage and take more damage (percentage values) based on how many allies are NOT around them. If they are alone, they deal the least and take the most damage, and the value decreases if their allies come close. Minimum and Maximum values will apply.


Sanguine Feast

Nerothos takes a bite out of an enemy hero. Nerothos has to bite the hero from the side or front. When bitten, the enemy hero will begin to bleed and leave of trail of blood for 5 seconds. Nerothos and his allies gain bonus damage and 20% lifesteal when attacking that enemy hero if they follow / remain on the blood trail.



Nerothos turns into a swarm of bats for 2 seconds. While in this form, he gains 50% / 60% / 70% / 80% bonus evasion and deals damage to all nearby enemies over the duration. Nerothos has no collision in this state however his auto attack is disabled as well as his other spells.



In 0.60c, the following will be added:


Innate: Crunch

If the attacked unit's neck is exposed (is facing Nerothos), this attack silences for 2 seconds and has 30%/40%/50%/60% leech. Half leech against non-heroes. Does not stack with item life leech. Costs 17/26/32/38 mana per attack.


Absorb Life -> Filler Ability? Pursuit?


Ultimate: Guillotine

Damages and wounds (for 5 seconds) all enemy units standing between Nerothos and the target unit for 33% of their maximum life. Can target any unit, but that unit is unaffected.