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Carthwright; Emperor

Frontline, Melee


The Emperor’s bloodline is so ancient and noble that his words have a primal sway over even those who despise him.

For crafty players who know when to play and when to fold. 



Innate: Taxing Presence [Passive]

A shimmering circle surrounds Emperor, dealing damage to enemy units as they enter or leave a radius around him. Emperor can control the radius of this ability by typing anything between -200 and -600, or higher if he obtains bonus radius via items.


Also, enemies who hit Emperor with an ability are forced to throw a 50g coin in his direction, costing them gold. Whoever picks it up gets to keep the money.



The Emperor's cloak turns golden as he propels himself forward on a self-fulfilling victory march.


The Emperor charges in the target direction for a short distance. If he impacts an enemy unit, his motion will stop, and the enemy will take damage and be knocked in the same direction. This ability automatically picks up items during travel.


Red Carpet

Make way! Touching the ground, crackling red energy flows from the Emperor's fingertips into the earth, blasting plebians aside.


Instantly damages enemy units along a thin line, and knocks them perpendicularly away from the line.



The Emperor insists that his enemies hold still; any who disobey shall be silenced!


Moves Emperor's taxing presence circle to the target point for 2 seconds. Enemies which leave the circle during this time take damage and are silenced.


Ultimate: New Clothes

Now you'll see things my way.


Creates an illusion of the target allied hero. While (and only while) this New Clothes illusion is visible to the enemy team, the original target becomes invisible.


If the original takes any action that would break invisibility, the New Clothes illusion will vanish. If cast while the target hero is visible to the enemy team, casting will fail.


The illusion deals full damage and inherits the items of the original, but has a fixed amount of life. When self-targeted, whichever of the Emperors is visible to the enemy team will be the focal point of his taxing presence.




  • Emperor offers one of the most well-balanced ability sets in the game. His abilities start off relatively weak, but once levelled up they provide great utility to him and his team.
  • His survivability is closely tied to how he uses his abilities, as without them he isn't fast or tanky enough to get out of most situations. Triumph's brief dash and Red Carpet's brief interrupt are often the critical tools he needs to survive.
  • Red Carpet is one of the most reliable interrupts in the game, due to its long range and instant effect (though Emperor does have a noticeable cast time).
  • New Clothes would probably have been one of the strongest abilities in the game if it was used with more coordination, since the illusion has a long duration and would uniquely let any hero initiate from invisibility.



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