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Rasputin; Outrunner

Frontline, Melee/Ranged



Though people looked at him with terror and with fear, times of war have coerced the elves into temporarily allying with this brute.

For confident players who savour versatility and command a strong presence.



Innate: Arms Trade

Rasputin may switch between his axe and bow, allowing him to change attack attribute, attack range, and skillset. The first ability listed is melee form / strength, the second is ranged form / agility.


Double Edge / Poison Pin

Double Edge: After charging up a huge swing, Rasputin deals heavy damage and wounds in the area in front of him. If he doesn't hit any enemies, he hits himself instead.

Poison Pin: Launch a poisoned arrow at the target tree, which will bounce off the tree in the target direction. The arrow damages and applies poison; it can hit again after bouncing.


Stampede / Battle Net

Stampede: Calls two drudges from behind Rasputin which trample over enemy units, damaging and slowing.

Battle Net: Throws a net over the target area which stops enemy units from moving. The duration of the net is increased for each unit trapped inside.


Return / Simmer [Passive]

Return: Whenever an enemy unit attacks Rasputin from within 275 radius, Rasputin passively attacks back with a percentage of his own damage.

Simmer: Whenever an enemy unit attacks Rasputin from over 500 range away, the damage is reduced.


Incite / Flak Arrow


Incite: For the next 20 seconds, any enemies which can see Rapsutin have their sight range reduced such that they can see no further than Rasputin.

Flak Arrow: Launches an arrow which rips armour from enemy units it passes through. Once it reaches the target point, the arrow explodes, dealing damage based on the amount of armour taken.




  • Rasputin is a form-switching hero, whose only meaningful skill change are his passives: Return / Simmer. These passives allow him to outmatch any opponent 1v1 if no spells are involved and he controls positioning. However, two enemies at different ranges mean he can't have the right passive against both.
  • Return can trigger a lot of 'on attack' effects, and was a major balance issue for many versions. Phoenix Fury was the item for Rasputin during that period.
  • Building bonus duration/radius for Battle Net is powerful when it works and enemy units are snared for 5+ seconds, but actually landing a net like that is a once-per-game event.
  • Most of Rasputin's abilities are assorted ideas that didn't have any other home.


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