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Scandal, Apparition

Backline, Ranged


Her life made a living hell by rumours and accusations, Scandal returns from the grave knowing every trick in the book.

For players who enjoy suppressing their foes with curses and binds.



Innate: Exposure:

Illuminates the target area with 11 flashes of light over a short time, dealing light damage per flash. If 10 flashes hit an enemy hero, they and their nearest allied hero on the map to them will be afflicted with SCANDAL: granting Scandal vision of both for a short duration.


Skeletons in the Closet:

Targets the first unit in a line. Ghostly skeletons will start appearing on the other side of her target at a fixed distance, and Scandal may trace a path of them. The skeletons leave a damage-over-time and slow on enemy heroes they touch.



Scandal sends a message in the target direction. After it passes the target point, the first unit to receive it will exclaim the message, damaging enemies in a cone in the same direction, and silencing them for a short time. If the exclaiming unit is an ally, they receive bonus radius of effect for a short time. The exclaiming unit never takes damage or gets silenced. Closet skeletons can outcry!


Suspicious Links:

Scandal tries to find unscrupulous links between enemy heroes. If this linear ability lands between any two units, they will be bound together until they spend 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 seconds trying to pull apart.



Passively: Any attacks against enemy heroes with the SCANDAL curse deal bonus damage.
Active: Scandal may instantly teleport to anywhere within 350 radius of an enemy hero with the SCANDAL curse. Short cooldown.




  • Probably Softmints' personal favourite hero theme.
  • She is an acceptable solo-laner if she can keep her distance, but shines with a cooperative ally who can uncover skeletons everywhere with her. Kukulza, Fae, and other high-mobility heroes are great at this.
  • Pursuit's instant relocation can be used to catch her own Outcry (for bonus radius), repositioning herself to find Links, or creating skeleton walls to cut off escape routes.
  • Suspicious Links turned out a bit weird, but it fits her theme.


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