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Scandal, Apparition


Backline, Ranged


Scandal is a rare specimen of revenant: she lives to expose mankind's deceit. She only opposes anything associated with lies.

Work in progress.


Innate: Exposure:

Illuminates the target area for 1.4 seconds, dealing light perfect damage over time. If an enemy hero is caught doing something scandalous in the limelight, they receive the SCANDAL curse for a while, and different bonus events may unfold:

  • Picking up a powerup: Embezzlement! 
    • Moving out of vision: Cover-up! The offender and their nearest allied hero become revealed for a duration. The accomplice also receives the SCANDAL curse.
    • Two heroes at once: Affair! If two heroes are still in exposure's radius when it expires, they become coupled and can't move more than a short distance away from each-other. The coupling only expires after the bind has been strained for a duration (similarly to poison) or the heroes become very separated (due to teleport).
    • With a voidmasochist: S&M! Both the hero and the voidmasochist lose all their libido mana.
    • Other ideas: Domestic violence (attacking Scandal?), Vandalism (damaging a building/breaking trees), Doping (using a potion?). It shouldn't be impossible to get the SCANDAL curse against a good player (to use Skeletons), even if only a weak effect.

This is all probably too complex to explain in-game, so the ability may be simplified to cause a single effect but have multiple triggers (per the above).


Skeletons in the Closet:

Scandal picks a hero which has the SCANDAL curse, and starts digging up dirt on her mark. Every 150 distance the target moves, a ghostly skeleton will start to emerge from under the target's feet, taking 0.5 seconds to appear fully. Skeletons don't appear on top of each-other. The skeletons don't move, and only attack enemy heroes for their duration.



Scandal passes a message in the target direction. After it passes the target point, the first unit to receive it will exclaim the message, damaging enemies in a cone in the same direction, and silencing them for a short time. If the exclaiming unit is an ally, they receive bonus radius of effect for a short time. The exclaiming unit never takes damage or gets silenced. Closet skeletons can outcry!


Passive Aggressive:

Scandal spreads the word about a target enemy hero's misdeeds. If the target comes within a short radius of any other unit, they will be lightly damaged and get shoved away from that unit. The shove behaves like knockback but doesn't interrupt orders (can interrupt channelling though). Wards and closet skeletons both count for Passive Aggressive (but mines don't). The shove/damage has a local cooldown.




  • Skeletons creates a lot of units, which makes landing Outcry easier. 
  • Skeletons creates a lot of units, which combined with Passive Aggressive makes manoeuvring difficult.
  • Passive Aggressive's shoving causes movement which can unearth more skeletons.
  • Skeletons will manage to land an attack before shoving Passive Aggressive's victim away.


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