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Scandal, Apparition


Backline, Ranged


Scandal is a rare specimen of revenant: she lives to expose mankind's deceit. She opposes anything that lies.

Work in progress.


Innate: Exposure:

Illuminates the target area for 1.4 seconds, dealing a small amount of perfect damage over time. If an enemy hero is caught doing something scandalous in the limelight, all enemy heroes on the Legion will be afflicted with SCANDAL. This debuff gives Scandal and her team vision of each enemy hero.

  • Embezzlement: Catch an enemy hero picking up a powerup item.
    • Cover-up: Catch an enemy hero leaving your vision or becoming invisible.
    • Affair: Catch exactly two enemy heroes and no other enemy units in Exposure's area of effect.
    • S&M: Catch an enemy hero beside, or getting healed by a Voidmasochist
    • Vandalism: Catch an enemy hero dealing damage to a friendly tower or mine.


Skeletons in the Closet:

Targets the first enemy hero in a line (like Judgement Ray). Ghostly skeletons will start appearing on the other side of her target (think Thunderbolt), 400 distance away. The skeletons form a line, blocking the movement of enemy heroes (anything else can pass through), and attacking any enemy heroes close to them.



Scandal passes a message in the target direction. After it passes the target point, the first unit to receive it will exclaim the message, damaging enemies in a cone in the same direction, and silencing them for a short time. If the exclaiming unit is an ally, they receive bonus radius of effect for a short time. The exclaiming unit never takes damage or gets silenced. Closet skeletons can outcry!


Suspicious Links:

Scandal tries to find unscrupulous links between enemy heroes. If this ability (cast like Red Carpet) lands between two enemy heroes, they will be bound together until they spend 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 seconds trying to pull apart.



Scandal may instantly teleport to anywhere within 350 radius of an enemy hero with the SCANDAL curse. This ability does nothing if there are no valid targets. It behaves like teleport scrolls: landing as close as possible to the target point. If Scandal uses Pursuit, she can catch her own Outcry message!

Cooldown: 10 secs (SCANDAL lasts for 7 seconds)




  • Skeletons creates a lot of units, which makes landing Outcry easier. 
  • Pursuit's instant relocation can be used to catch her own Outcry (for bonus radius), positioning herself to find Links, or creating skeleton walls to cut off escape routes.


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