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Focus Monk

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Kiel; Focus Monk [Concept]


Frontline, Melee





The Focus Monk was a hero from DotA Outland whose concept revolved around entering an uninterruptable "Trance" for 5 seconds. If he went 60 seconds without activating Trance, he would fall into one anyway. His abilities included bonus movement speed after exiting Trance, bonus damage on his first attack after exiting Trance based on how much damage he'd taken during Trance, and his ultimate let him leave his physical body behind to roam invulnerably in spirit form. I liked his theme, but a hero who's playstyle is to not do anything isn't a very good design, so this is an early WIP reinterpretation of him.



Innate: Attunement

If the Focus Monk has been standing still for 3.2/2.8//2.4/2.0 seconds, he gains the Attuned buff, granting slightly increased experience gain. While Attuned, his next issued movement order will teleport him up to 400 range in the target direction. 


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