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Saren's BUG LOG

Page history last edited by Sarenarass 7 years, 3 months ago

Welcome to Saren's Bug Log... where bugs are found and reported until they are fixed! Won't be much here for now, but, as we go on hopefully it'll flourish into a beautiful cacophony of bugs.

EDIT: I'd advise putting newest bugs at the top so they're easier to see.

@Soft: Feel free to remove the pictures or text from bugs you feel are resolved.




(They go here)

March 21, 2013


Spell research description says 35 second cooldown, but upon getting the spell it says 25 second cooldown.


Mirror shield: In shop it says 10 mana recovered, on the item itself 5





April, 2013

0.68h (probably) Error Spam

Seems Izzy may of found the source of this problem, or at the very least a variation of it. Izzy claims that upon teleporting to this corner of the map and clicking the recipe in the sixth sloth pictured below, this error spam began. It is very similar to the one that occurs

often in other games. Perhaps if a unit/dummy goes into unpathable/walkable terrain.. such as Tyriphe, this bug begins?





April 5 0.68h (I think)

Everyone ECONNRESET (Probably CTD)

I think I may.. may of found the source. The Emperor used new clothes infront of I believe it was Kukulza and it failed to work making an Emperor under the buff, visibly. Right after this happened he froze there in place and then crashed from the game. Then shortly after Lewp (Kukulza) reported he couldn't move anymore. Seems skirmisher can get paused randomly at times so he was stuck like that for the rest of the game. Then more people crashed and so on. Seemed to start with the Emperor, though. I can upload replay if needed. 


March 25  0.68f

How to break aligerous:


March 21  0.68f

  • When a void masochist respawns inside of enemies, it doesn't get deactivated.
    • The Void-healing mechanism should be changed anyways imo! Fountains on the elve-side are straight forward, void masochists are not and they are another noobtrap.
    • An easy solution to this would be to make attacking the masochist automatically result in healing, the hearts would spawn on the hero and he would get healed



  • Callous Edge seemed to be misbehaving, e.g. not healing in some cases  



  • Telekinesis can be casted onto buildings: 




Match 17

  • Again, idk if it's a bug or willed:
    • Vampire can cast veil on creeps and attack them inside it without them attacking him


  • If you use the -i command with a name that would represent 2 or more items, it should provide you with that information and not just buy the first one
    • e.g. -i mask will buy kirus mask, but I wanted troll mask


  • When afflicted by the assasin's spinelock, heros can walk off the bridges inside the jungle. This happened to an emperor inflicted by it and he got stuck between the bridge and the trees
    • same as the rollout-waterfalls pathing, please check that again and/or remove the bridges, they don't really serve much sense anyways in the average terrain
      • but they hide spells like triumph, haze, etc.  


  • Picking a Hero before the selection screen turns up
    • If you select the tavern before it eventually shows up by itself, you can select a hero before the other people do.
    • You can't select two, but if select one then, your camera will still be orthographic
    • Maybe just fix the cam or do cinematic mode or disable tavern selecting until the actual picking happened
      • you could also go around the tournament picking with this :) 


  • Weird Rod behavior
    • sometimes the rod just doesn't appear at all - the sound and message comes, but even when we checked both spots after like 5 seconds there was no rod appearing ?
    • maybe this was because of sometimes the circle effect stays at the rod position
    • !This is proven, sometimes the no-rod-effect doesn't happen / maybe it's also related with the rod not coming at all. 15 seconds are not gone,but there is no red X
      • Also new players reported they first throught the red X marked the spot where the rod will appear and waited for it.. 


Emperor in new clothes with the buff still on, even tho his illu died and he is attacking



Junglecreeps not attacking main/anything




Diviners Rod Buff even tho I don't have it and no hero is near



March 14


  • Sometimes junglecreeps follow you to the fountain...it even happened to you soft!
  • Not really a bug, but an annoyance - when casting the lightining thingy from psy onto a creep, it gets you engaged, even tho the lightings don't hit. I think it's the same for barrier. I don't think is this rather fair since Psy doesn't have much else to do when trying to stop an enemy from jungling - but then you get engaged and die in 3 hits.


March 13


@Order Cancellation: Nice idea, we'll try it out.

@Troops too strong: Check out the Parameters page and play a few games with reduced troop damage. If we agree it's better and it doesn't introduce imbalance (people start tanking waves behind towers) then I have nothing against implementing it permanently.


Crits Crits Crits & Desyncs

     Fix them already :/

@Fatal Errors/Desyncs: I need more data on this stuff. If I can narrow down which heroes are in the games where these problems occur, that helps a lot. Rollout is under suspicion.


Picking up items from another player:

 You can do it! But only if: 

  • A player buys an item near the shop with a full inventory! (It will drop on ground, for everyone to pickup)
  • A Player or more leave. Some items change their color to darkgreen e.g. - even tho the owning player is still ingame 
    • Actually the items don't change color, but after a player left, all items at the fountain become pickupable for everyone. Idk if that always happens etc. but it did the 2 times I noticed it. 


@Unowned Items: THAT is how to report a bug. This is useful info. 



March 10, 2013

(v. 0.68d) Nerodir Bug


I'm not sure if this is an interaction between Nerothos and Nadir or Nadir on any Legion hero... but soon after I revived Nerothos strangely formed a Conga Line of his own. This bug seems to be

quite an isolated incident and not a game breaker so no rush in having to fix it.

Bit hard to see it in stills, but, there is the pull sfx. I'm the orange dot on the minimap, as you can see I'm nowhere near where it happened.




http://www.mediafire.com/?k4k6mso01c6n7t6#! <- Replay. You can see right where it happened in the pictures above, so, can't take too long to watch.



February 24, 2013

(v. 0.68c) First up.. Obelik's Grinding Stone bug!


Yep, it's back... now with more armour loss than ever before. It even stays on after death ans resurrection! What a pest.



Replay Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?drqdpk4kar10rjq#! Just fast forward till you see Emperor in the range of level 39.


@Grindstone: This happens when a unit gets hit by Grindstone, and "vanishes" before Grindstone ends. When Grindstone iterates over the units that it hit, it comes across a null entry, assumes it's hit the end of the group, and stops curing the buff. I think watching the replay will reveal it to be New Clothes or some other illusion. The problem isn't Grindstone, it's the illusion vanishing too soon. 68d has debug to show when illusions are cleared and why, as well as what units Grindstone hits. 









Watch this space!... more bugs to come.


Additional Stuff by Frotty:


Another new bug that occured, when picking up items that belong to another player.

I can't really tell the destinct steps, but most the times it happened was because of Assasin buying something from shop via clicking.

Then the item lay there without any glow and any player could pick it up.

In this example, Iofur picked up diviners rod and put it into his slotted shield. Somehow the buff got bugged and stacked alot on allied heros and fountains.

All allied heros and himself hat permanent 100% mana, because of insane regen. Same for the fountains - you could heal yourself up with 3-4 clicks.


Moar Bugs:


If you select a tower, seeing it's range, and it dies, the range indicators stay.



The Gametime got replaced by some numbers




With Iofur's Rollout you can get stuck at the waterfalls alot:



If you are in Iofur's Ice Berg when the game ends, at the end of the iceberg you will be unpaused and be able to attack/act normally and keep on playing.


Fixed (Go Soft):

Agnes (Aligerous)

Fae (Prismatic Dust)


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