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RoW Tournament IV

Page history last edited by Softmints 7 years, 6 months ago


  • Takes place on Sunday 17th March at 6pm GMT (subject to change).
  • We will use the latest version; there will be at least one new one before then (see Balance Suggestions and Bug Log).
  • Ideally arrive with a team of 5 and some strategies in mind to cheese with (we will try fit you in a team if you arrive without, but you have less chance of getting a match). 
  • Mass Ivory Bands? Nadir snapping up every Lightning Rod? Femur rush pushes? Pooling for starting items? Be prepared for anything!



  • Tournament Mode is to be used with two bans. Rounds are best of 3; with one randomly decided team playing Elves/Legion/Elves in that order. Note that Elves always have first ban and first pick, while Legion always have last ban and last pick. Teams should coordinate their picks internally, as the picking process in tournament mode is not player-ordered (try it out with -t before the tavern appears).
  • Ideally arrive with a team of five and some strategies in mind to cheese with (we will try fit you in a team if you arrive without, but you have less chance of getting a match). We strongly prefer players do not move between teams and stay for the full tournament (or have substitutes arranged) as the winner should be a single team.
  • Replays of every game must be saved and uploaded here on the wiki!
  • Should there be a disconnect, both teams must agree for there to be a remake, and the same picks must be taken (skip tournament mode).
  • Should there be a crash, teams may elect to remake, or have a victor declared and move to the next round.
  • Problem with these rules? They are subject to change, just make a note at the bottom of the page (ask around).



  • The winning team will be decided by Softmints, on the criteria of overall team strategy (very important), victory (also very important), and entertainment/big plays (somewhat important). Favourable are:
    • Winning efficiently (either quickly, with relatively few deaths, etc.) 
    • Demonstrating good teamwork 
    • Employing a novel tactic effectively

Unfavourable are:

    • Flaming or poor sportsmanship
    • Abuse of bugs or clearly unintended features (see examples below)
  • There may also be an individual player prize for the best play throughout the tournament.
  • Prizes may consist of minor deliverables (gifted games on Steam, riot points, etc.), and/or personal player-specific cosmetic supplements in RoW which last forever (within reason). 


Examples of unintended behaviours:

  • Note: Backdooring is considered perfectly acceptable
  • Callous Edge working on Voidmasochists (should be removed for the new version)
  • Telekinesis into mines (adding a levitation buff to Telekinesis for the new version which grants mine immunity for 2 secs)
  • Messing with troop pathing (Stone Prison causes problems in some cases)
  • Messing with any game modes (parameters/debug)
  • Willful use of any bug. If unsure, pause the game and ask about it.


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