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This page is intended for those who have taken an interest in the lane-pushing game genre (also known as MOBA, ARTS, etc.), and would like a little background.


Really quick timeline:

  • 1999: The genre began in Starcraft with a custom scenario called Aeon of Strife.
  • 2002: Warcraft III is released. A developer called Eul creates a map called DotA, which becomes popular.
  • 2003: Warcraft III's expansion pack is released. Making custom maps becomes much easier, and many maps like DotA spring up. Warcraft players start calling them 'AoS' maps after the Starcraft original.
  • 2005: One variant of DotA becomes extremely popular.
  • 2008: Commercial versions of DotA begin to appear (League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, DotA 2)
  • 2013: The genre is widely popular and commercially successful. Lots of genre games are springing up.


This much is common knowledge to anyone interested in the genre. However, it all pertains exclusively to DotA, which is one among hundreds of AoS maps that Warcraft and its talented community of enthusiastic map developers. These maps have spent years experimenting with ideas and iterating on design without the pressure to be a commercial success, and there is much to be learned from them. The following list details some of (in my opinion) the best AoS maps ever created, what made them stand out, and why they're important to consider as the genre continues to grow.


  • Advent of the Zenith:
  • Age of Myths:
  • Battle Tanks/Ships:
  • Desert of Exile:
  • Eve of the Apocalypse: Twilight:
  • Hands of Sorrow Knight:
  • Tides of Blood:
  • Rise of Winterchill: 
  • Water War: 


<I will add download links and descriptions later>


Not to be reproduced without permission.


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