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How To Play

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You would like to try Rise of Winterchill, but don't know how to go about playing? Here's the procedure:


1.  You must install:

  • Warcraft III: "Reign of Chaos"
  • Warcraft III: "The Frozen Throne" Expansion Pack
  • Update to the latest patch (1.26a). If you have CD keys, simply connecting to Battle.net should apply the patch for you.

2.  You will also need to download the latest Rise of Winterchill map file, and place it in your maps folder. You can get this on the homepage, or from the link on the right. For typical windows installations, this needs to go in Program Files/Warcraft III/Maps/Downloads

3. You will need to connect to Battle.net. or GameRanger.

  • Battle.net requires a pair of working CD keys (one for the original Warcraft, one for the expansion) which you can probably get off a friend, or purchase directly from Blizzard (RoC, TFT). Most RoW players use the Azeroth (USEast) realm to chat, but you can join games from any realm except Kalimdor (Asia). Once you join, your connection is to a bot, so it doesn't matter which realm you choose.
  • You will need to search online for tutorials on using GameRanger
  • Check out the pages on Hosting Bots and the Community.



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