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Mireille; Assassin

Frontline, Melee


Silent and deadly, the Assassin pounces at most vulnerable moment for the kill, before vanishing into thin air.

For sneaky players who enjoy lying in wait and murdering mercilessly. 



Innate: Stealth

Mireille fades to invisibility if she has not been in enemy sight for 5/4/3/2 seconds. While invisible, she will slow to a crawl near enemy units, but may manually deactivate invisibility to avoid this. Being hit by knockback will knock her out of invisibility as well.



Stabs an enemy in the back, dealing damage and making them unable to turn for a short time. Enemies can still walk forward, or use spells providing they don't have to turn.



Switch places at melee range with a unit in the (tiny) target area, and knock them behind you. Very effective at catching enemies at low health moving near a tree-line, or interrupting important channels.



Forcibly drops an item from the target enemy player, and throws it behind them. Mirelle can specify a slot by typing the relevant command: -1 / -2 / -3 / -4 / -5 / -6, but if that slot is unoccupied a random item will be taken. If the target has no items, they will drop a coin (losing 30 gold to do so). The enemy's Bounty is not reduced by losing an item, and only they can pick the item back up. If the item remains on the ground for 30 seconds, it will automatically appear at their base.


Toxin Bomb

Prepares a bomb which explodes to poison nearby enemies after the Assassin moves 800 distance. These bombs can be stacked up to 3 times. Preparing a bomb does not remove stealth.




  • Assassin is a rare example of an invisibility hero that is both fair, and satisfying to play as or against.
  • Reversal and Spinelock make a great pair, and allow her to initiate against enemies both on- and off-lane.
  • Fumble is often used to part an enemy hero from their boots, making their escape difficult. It can also be used to remove crucial defensive or activated items. An enemy who has been victim to this may start shuffling items in their slots when they think Assassin is around, to avoid her getting the item she wants!
  • Assassin's slow movement speed near enemies while invisible has an interesting interaction with Warcraft's pathing: she can body-block enemy units while moving at a crawl, and because the system sees that they're making some progress in the current direction, units won't re-path around her. This can catch unwary foes off guard, or stop them escaping a tower's attack radius if they don't see what's happening.
  • Her lack of an escape mechanism means that if she doesn't get the kill, she can be punished for showing up.
  • An experienced Assassin will lie in wait with Reversal at rocks, egg sacs, or barrels: debris which is more dangerous than trees.
  • She turns out to be of the best heroes for the Femur of Gul'dan item, because it grants unslowability: giving her freedom of movement near enemy units while invisible.
  • Toxin Bomb is probably the worst ultimate in the game, if not for its low cooldown providing great synergy with the Ribbonmaker item. The Ribbonmaker passive is considerably better than the ult itself!
  • Assassin is almost useless on-lane or in teamfights, so she relies heavily on getting kills and snowballing.


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