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RoW has seen many many iterations of creep camps over the years. The classic implementation used for many years was as follows:


  • The original RoW terrain featured 10 creep camps, four of which were neutral, while each faction controlled three. That is, the Night Elves team had three creep camps on their side of the map, which only the Legion players could kill (for substantially higher reward). Similarly, the Legion have three creep camps on their side, which only the Night Elves can kill.
  • These creep camps had five levels: initially spawning at level 1 and increasing in level each time they were cleared. As their power grew exponentially, level 4-5 camps were very dangerous and usually a team effort. Once the level 5 creeps died, the camp would no longer spawn.
  • These camps applied a debuff called 'Engaged' to anything that engaged them in combat. The debuff slowed, and doubled damage from player-controlled sources, making creep camps a high-risk endeavour.
  • The gold and experience reward from creep camps was both potent and given to the killer's entire team, encouraging teamwork and creating a lot of conflict around camps.
  • In some versions, defeated creep camps would spawn with the killing team's next wave of troops and push along the lane. Level 4-5 camps were very dangerous due to their high stats.


The 'new' terrain has seen many iterations as well, with no team-controlled camps:


  • Camps which provide no gold bonus, but global experience for the killer's team.
  • Camps with a single boss creep. The boss drops a Diamond which gives a fixed amount of gold and experience to nearby allies when picked up, making teamwork more efficient.
  • Many iterations of Tri-camps: camps with three creeps of different type. The last of the three to die will confer a type-specific bonus to the killer. Bonuses included item drops, varying amounts of gold, semi-permanent buffs, and specialised troops which would spawn on the killing team's lanes.

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