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Shaka'zhan; Heretic

Backline, Ranged


Outcast for his macabre experiments, Shaka’zhan’s fascination with the black voodoo arts may yet be the death of him. 

For reserved players who enjoy being powerful, despite a frail appearance.



Innate: Ricochet

Causes attacks to bounce 1-4 times, dealing reduced damage with each bounce. The bouncing glaives don't apply attack modifiers, but they can bounce back to previously hit targets.


Soul Pylon

Creates a ward which transfers a portion of the damage it takes to the target unit. If the target is an ally, it heals, and if the target is an enemy, it damages.


Grim Anchor

Drops a ward which binds a nearby enemy unit to itself. The bind then bounces, binding each new enemy to the previous. The duration is based on how long Heretic spent charging the skill before dropping it.


Jinx Totem

Enemies who attempt an attack while near this ward will be hexed for a brief moment, interrupting their attack. The ward casts hex a maximum of 5-8 times.


Ultimate: Hacteggon

Summons the terrible ocean spirit Hactegg: a ghost with high life, a powerful melee attack, and flying movement type. Hactegg lasts a long time, but his life is bound to a Spirit Pin: a ward whose life percentage forcibly matches his own. Hence, killing the Spirit Pin (a weak ward) is a much quicker way to dispatch Hactegg. Hactegg is practically invulnerable while near his Spirit Pin, which discourages him from straying too far from it.




  • Heretic was designed as a 'ward hero'.
  • His aiming is relatively banal compared to the rest of the cast, but he has relatively long cooldowns to compensate.
  • Ricochet glaives can bounce between a unit and their own Soul Pylon, which greatly amplifies Heretic's attack damage if the target is alone. Combined with his disables, this is often a lethal combination.
  • Soul Pylon can be used on Heretic or an allied hero under a friendly tower, which typically heals to full.
  • Jinx Totem has been slated for replacement for a long time due to having a hex, which is one of RoW's very few quasi-stuns.
  • Hacteggon can be ordered to attack a Soul Pylon to cause a lot of hurt (or healing).
  • Hiding the Spirit Pin in trees is a common tactic. It is very capable of taking down towers if troop support is available.


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