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Hakkar, Houndmaster

Frontline, Melee


Reincarnated by Rage, the Legion’s most fearsome warlord rises again to bring doom and chaos upon Azeroth.

For all the Indina Jones fans out there.



Innate: Infernal Whip

Hakkar's weapon of choice, and the tool of his trade is a flaming whip. Targeting a point will pick up any items in the area, damage enemy units, and drag a unit (allied or enemy) back toward Hakkar. Targeting a tree will quickly drag Hakkar towards that tree. Dragging is interrupted by obstacles, such as other trees or units in the way.



Orders a maximum of 2-5 felhounds near the target point to lead towards that point, damaging, wounding, and knocking back the first unit that each encounters. The hounds then become controlled by Hakkar. This ability has global range.

Note: Felhounds are the standard melee troop for Hakkar's team.


Dimensional Collar

Summons two Felhounds under Hakkar's control at the target point.




Burns the mana of enemy heroes in a narrow arc, and leaves a curse on them for a modest duration which causes any further attacks to burn a small amount of mana.


Ultimate: Meteor Swarm [Channelling]

          Releases a wave of meteors in a cone-like pattern which damage and knock back the first enemy that they hit.




  • The only hero with summons in RoW. They are used either for jungling (where they are very effective), or summoned on demand to try and land a Pounce!.
  • Pounce demands constant map awareness to avoid missing kill opportunities or saving allies.
  • One of the other heroes on Hakkar's team, Maw, counts as a felhound, and may be ordered to Pounce!
  • Dimensional Collar is the most vanilla ability in the game, and was added out of the necessity of Hakkar having access to felhounds.
  • Meteor Swarm is one of the game's strongest knockbacks if it can mash an enemy into trees. It's also useful as a zoning tool, as it lasts 3 seconds.
  • Hakkar doesn't have any obvious weaknesses, other than a weak basic attack (though he will usually build items to fix that). His lack of defensive tools is made up for by great mobility.



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