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Rise of Winterchill - Introduction


What is Rise of Winterchill?

RoW is an AoS style map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, developed by Softmints. It is still being developed, no public versions exist yet. The first public release is expected in November 2007.


What is an AoS map?

AoS style maps originate from the original Aeon of Strife, from Starcraft. The gameplay consists of two factions, each with a base on opposite sides of the playing field. This playing field is filled with obstacles, outlining four primary routes to the opposing factions, called lanes. Along these lanes; constant streams of troops provide the support nessecary to level the opposing faction's base and claim victory.


What makes RoW different to other AoS style maps?

Almost all of the abilities in the game have elements of aiming, timing, risk, or difficulty to use. This provolks a strong aspect of skill in the game. The map uses very team based gameplay, the items, abilities, and creeps support this.


Who developes RoW?

Softmints develops RoW, with assistance from Dekar and a few others.



What is Dota Outland?

RoW only exists today because of DotA Outland, it's predecessor, also created by Softmints. Outland was well known as a buggy map, and RoW was created to clean it up and introduce some revolutionary new concepts.

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