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Kukulza, Skirmisher

Frontline, Melee


Though young and inexperienced, Kukulza has pledged his exceptional talents to eliminating the demon threat.

For players who like fast paced combos, agile gameplay, and hit-and-run tactics.



Innate: Momentum [Passive]

Increases Kukulza's damage output slightly after damaging enemy heroes with an attack or ability. The effect is cumulative, and will expire after not hitting an enemy hero for 3-4 seconds, or hitting no enemy heroes with an ability.


Cross Slash

Slashes the target point from two directions at once in an X formation, damaging enemies. It is possible to hit a unit twice by catching them in the middle of the X.



Instantly dashes forward, damaging any enemies in the way with an 'attack'. Cannot pass through trees.



Kukulza becomes both heavily slowed and invulnerable for 0.75 seconds. Useful for dodging enemy spells. It can be used during Dash.


Ultimate: Beatdown

Kukulza leaps into the air and comes crashing down upon a target point, damaging enemies. During this time, the player may select another series of points with right-clicks, and Kukulza will smash those in quick succession. Kukulza is invulnerable while Beatdown is active. If Kuku misses any of the Beatdown jumps, the skill ends.




  • Kukulza is the closest thing RoW has to a hard carry. His Momentum scales his damage in teamfights, and having so many dodges means his effective health scales excellently as well. 
  • Dash hits enemies with an attack, which means it works well with cleave, life leech, and other modifiers. Used against a group of enemies, it can accumulate five Stormstrike stacks almost immediately, which can make him very dangerous.
  • Beatdown can be used to hammer towers, and has historically been great against creep camps.
  • Mana problems have often plagued Kuku players, since he is very spell-reliant early-game. 



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