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Trek; Mineslayer

Backline, Ranged


Trek is a master of prediction and ambuscade, whose traps litter the battlefield with shrapnel and gore.

For cunning players who enjoy mind games and instant kills. 



Innate: Hexwerk Trap

Places a trap at melee range, which soon becomes invisible. When an enemy steps on it, six clockwerk goblins burst from the ground and surround their victim, attacking for a few seconds before exploding to deal modest damage each. A victim may escape by killing a goblin and running away through the gap. Maximum of 1/2/3/4 placed at a time.


Pressure Mine

Places a trap at melee range, which soon becomes invisible. When an enemy stops moving near it, the mine will explode. Maximum of 2/3/4/5 placed at a time.


Particle Accelerator

Places a trap at melee range, pointing in the target direction. It soon becomes invisible. Maximum of 1/2/3/4 at a time.

  • If an enemy steps on the trap, they will be knocked in the target direction (usually pointing towards a stack of mines).
  • If an ally steps on the trap, they will be knocked in their current facing direction, essentially speeding them along.
  • If an accelerator is placed on another trap, it will launch that trap in the target direction. Traps can explode or activate "mid-air" as they slide. This is known as mine-launching, and is fundamental to the hero.

In all of the above cases, the Accelerator expires.


Bag of Tricks

Contains eleven sub-abilities which have various uses:


Level 1:

    • Counterfeit: The targeted unit will drop a fake coin on death, which damages any enemy hero that tries to pick it up.
    • Shields Up!: All currently-placed mines become invulnerable for 2 seconds.
    • Stock Advance: Allows Trek to place one additional trap beyond one of his maximum trap limits.


Level 2:

    • Trap Card: Applies the Trap Card buff to a friendly unit for 4 seconds. If an enemy damages the unit, they will be mana-burned for the same amount of damage, and the buff will vanish.
    • Dud Mine: Drops a fake mine which does nothing and lasts 100 seconds. Possibly useful for baiting spells at insignificant mana cost.
    • Like Clockwerk: Increases the life and damage of the clockwerk goblins from Hexwerk Trap.


Level 3:

    • Emergency Broadcast: Sends a fake teleportation signal to enemy players.
    • Emergency Rations: Drops some Meat directly in front of Miney, which will heal whoever picks it up. Miney cannot act for 3 seconds after using this skill.


Level 4:

    • Hologram: Creates an illusion of the target unit which takes more damage, and deals none.
    • Powder Carpet: All allies in the target area gain 80% traction, dramatically reducing the distance of enemy knockbacks. Enemies in the area which are hit by a knockback will be inflicted with a burn.


Ultimate: Link Bomb

When the target unit/trap dies, the attached Link Bomb explodes to deal huge damage to nearby enemies. Has a limited duration on heroes, after which it disappears harmlessly. Deals moderately reduced damage when attached to traps.




  • Miney has historically been a very fun hero to play, in large part thanks to his Accelerator making it possible to use his traps in active and creative ways. He is not just the mine-stack hero that a beginner will assume! Memorable examples include:
    • Spacing out several Accelerators to make a "mine cannon", and getting ridiculous kills with explosions out of nowhere.
    • Placing Link Bomb on neutral creeps, which explode in response to enemies farming them.
    • Pointing Accelerators into trees will deal knockback damage, which is great against some heroes like Nadir.
    • Using Link Bomb mid-fight on the clockwerk goblins, as they typically die within seconds while near an enemy hero.
    • The activation time on traps is short enough that Miney can drop a Hexwerk, put an Accelerator on top, and aim it in time to catch a hero as they turn and run (if it hits).
    • Holograms are a great target for Link Bomb, since they are controllable and take bonus damage.
    • When short on mines, an Accelerator into trees with a Link Bomb attached works okay (the bomb explodes when the Accelerator expires, when the enemy steps on it).
    • The hero Tyriphe's owls are a permanent flying summon that can be dismissed on-demand. They are perfect Link Bomb carriers!
  • As well as being internally dynamic, Miney's gameplay is enhanced by there being good counterplay built into enemy heroes. Most AoE nukes will kill his mines, and all enemy heroes have a ranged attack against them (if they gain vision).
  • The typical counter item to Miney is Eye of Newt, which spawns a flying summon for 5 seconds with a short-ranged true sight, on a 30 second cooldown. It's useful against him, but not a hard counter, and equally he can use it to send Link Bombs at his opponents!
  • He is a favourite carrier of Femur of Gul'dan, which gives maximum movement speed until the hero takes damage.



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