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Trelaf the Wise; Judicator  

Frontline, Melee


One of the few surviving members of the Silver Hand, Trelaf now brings his divine judgment to the battlefield.
For adamant players who enjoy longevity, with a dash of action.



Innate: Presence of Law

Allows Trelaf to switch between several auras, all of which perform a specific function that affects both allies and enemies.

  • Aura of Recovery: When any unit near Trelaf takes damage, a percentage of that damage is delivered as healing to all other units in the aura.
  • Aura of Remise: All enemies within a large radius (and Trelaf himself) become unable to restore mana through any means.
  • Aura of Liberty: All units in a moderate radius get a modest movespeed bonus.
  • Aura of Inquisition: All enemies in a moderate radius (and Trelaf himself) suffer a very short-duration burn until they leave the aura. Burns cannot expire under this aura.


Trial By Fire

Forms a wall of light some distance away from Trelaf. Allies who pass through the wall are healed and receive increased regeneration for a while. Enemies which pass through the wall take damage and are burned, which can happen several times.



Applies a shield to the target unit, which absorbs any incoming healing into the life of the shield. If the shield is still alive after 7 seconds, it deals its remaining health as damage to nearby enemy units.



Disarms all units in the target area for a short time.


Ultimate: Intervention

  • If targeted on an ally, Trelaf diverts 50% of their incoming damage to him. This will trigger the "on attacked" event for items, if it was an incoming attack.
  • If targeted on an enemy, they will take 50% of the damage that Trelaf does.

Lasts 15 seconds.




  • A tanky hero with a lot of heals and plenty of turnaround damage potential.
  • His 'Presence of Law' never became a central part of the hero, though it did have some fun applications. Remise could be used aggressively to halt enemy mana regeneration on lane, which also suppressed Voidmasochists. Inquisition could be paired with Magma Shield and Intervention's "on attack" triggering to stack a ton of burns on enemies, melting them within seconds.
  • Exculpate has seen plenty of clever uses where healing was stacked on the shield, and then used as a surprise nuke.
    • A typical trick was taking some damage, applying the shield to self, stepping into the fountain, and teleporting to a tower. By the time the teleport completed, the shield would be packing a lot of hurt with only a second before it exploded onto whichever unlucky enemy stuck around.
    • Assassin, being invisible, was a great choice of target: she could move invisibly with the shield on, and be healed or take potions without alerting enemies to the imminent damage.
    • Eventually, the shield's healing was scaled to max at double the shield's starting life. Pooh. 
  • He has had a long rivalry with Sivaz, whose 'Doom' spell inverts healing.


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