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Hero Concept III

Page history last edited by Alyssandra 8 years, 6 months ago


Mairvola; Doomsayer



Frontline, Melee


A tireless demon hunter, Mairvola has joined the Elves to lay waste to Rage Winterchill's army of Legionnaires. 




Innate: Fury [Passive]

Every time Mairvola casts a spell, her next attack will do x bonus damage and drain y of a random enemy stat. Stacks fully.


Skill 1: Bladeborn

Mairvola unleashes a wave of burning knives infront of her, dealing x damage and burning struck enemies. A second later, she unleashes another set of knives from behind her, which deals half damage and wounds enemies. The second wave counts as an attack.


Skill 2: Alacrity

Mairvola conjures two images which will run outwards from the sides of her. Within the next x seconds, she can right click on an image to trade places with it if she wishes. If she swaps with an image, she will leave behind a nova of energy that damages enemies for x.


Skill 3: Adaptation [Attack]

Mairvola adapts to an enemy and attacks differently depending on his or her position.

-If she uses this ability on an enemy from the front, it will knock him back by a short distance.

-If she uses this ability on an enemy from the side, it will slow him by a moderate amount [stacking].

-If she uses this ability on an enemy from the back, it will deal 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% bonus damage.


This spell has 3 charges, think Geo's spike.













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